Halloween Town

Book One


Millie the Mummy

By Amelia Picklewiggle



Page 1


“Come down for breakfast Millie! It’s time for school soon!”

Millie’s Mum stood over the stove cooking eggs and bacon.

The scent filled Millie’s nose making her rise up from her nightly

slumber inside her coffin bed.



Page 2


Millie dressed in her favorite purple shirt and jeans with her sneakers.

She wrapped her hair in pigtails then made her way down to the kitchen.



Page 3

Her Dad was sitting with his cup of coffee next to him on the table and reading the morning newspaper, as her younger brother Murray sat and played with his toys along side of him.


Page 4

It was a good day today. Millie was helping to set up the haunted house for the special Halloween party at school!


Page 5


“Good morning Millie!” her Mum said as she smiled. “Are you ready for your breakfast?”

Millie sat in the chair next to her brother as her Mum filled the plate set in front of her.



Victoria the Vampire

By Amelia Picklewiggle




Page 1


The clouds filled the night sky in an eerie sight as Victoria the Vampire sat in her pink frilly, canopied coffin reading her favorite book, “Dracula.” Her friend Wanda the Witch was spending the night and practicing her spells on Victoria’s pet bat who was in his cozy cage on the other side of the room.



Page 2


“You’re spells won’t work.” Victoria said to Wanda.


“I know but it can’t hurt to try.”


Wanda joined Victoria inside her coffin. “I know! Let’s go out and scare people!”



Page 3


Victoria smiled at Wanda and said, “That sounds like fun how about we dress up as scary ghosts!”


“Wanda went to the trunk in Victoria’s room and pulled out two white sheets. They draped them over themselves and walked downstairs to tell Victoria’s Vampmother they were going out.



Page 4


“Make sure you are in before sunrise Victoria or you will turn into a bat!.” Vampmother scolded while Vampfather sat in his big fluffy chair in the living room reading the Daily Doom newspaper and drinking his favorite glass of wacky red blood juice.

Sally the Spider

By Amelia Picklewiggle



Page 1 and 2


“Sally, please stop weaving your web and get ready for school. The bus is nearly here.”


“I hear you Mom! I will be right down!”


Sally pulled clothes from her closet. In her right hand she held a dark purple skirt and in her left hand she held a pretty pink top. “Settled,” she said to herself and dressed.



Page 3


Her bedroom walls were painted black with white spider webs on them. Her drapes were made out of real spider’s web that she weaved herself and was very proud of. Her bed was made out of spider web netting that her Mom spun for her.


Page 4


Sally made her way down to the dining room where her mother met her with a lunch bag and her backpack which held her school books. “Remember to finish your lunch. Granny Spider made it for you. It’s you’re favorite, Fly stew.”



Page 5 and 6


Outside the bus driver blew the horn. Sally kissed her Mom goodbye and ran out to the bus where she was met by her friends, Millie the Mummy, Wanda the Witch and Victoria the Vampire.



Page 7


On the bus they chatted about the big Halloween party and what Millie had planned.


“I can’t wait for the party! It’s going to be so awesome!” Godrick the Goblin replied.


“Just wait and see what Millie has prepared!”  Sally the Spider chimed in.


Page 8


The bus drove to the next stop and Frankie Stein climbed up the steps. He smiled when he saw his friends then sat next to Godrick.


“So what are you talking about?” he wanted to know once he had taken his seat and buckled in.


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