Amelia Picklewiggle, children's book author prepares your child for success!

Studies show that children who read for pleasure do overwhelmingly better in life than children who don’t; which is why we provide fun, entertaining stories for children ages 1 through 17 to read. The kind of stories that kids would love to read. The books can be purchased through under Amelia Picklewiggle and PA Cadaver.

Tessa's Troubles

By Amelia Picklewiggle



Page 1


“Hurry up Tessa!” Mommy called. “We have to buy something special for Valentine’s Day for Daddy, Sam, Elliot and Penny.” Tessa followed her voice into the living room where Mommy was sitting on the sofa writing the list. Tessa jumped up to join her.




Inside the store Tessa found stuffed animals to play with, but before long Mommy had to take them away before Tessa pulled them apart. Tessa looked at Mommy very sad because she wanted the toy.


“You can’t have this Tessa.” Mommy scolded and placed it back on the shelf. “I will have to keep a closer eye on you.” Mommy said.





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